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Fiona Titcombe

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Fiona Titcombe
Octochamp Statistics
Final positionQuarter-finalist
Points total720
Conundrums solved3
Fiona Titcombe in Series 80.
Fiona Titcombe on The National Lottery: Winning Lines in 2001.

Fiona Titcombe was an octochamp in Series 80. She's a Freelance IT Developer from Blackwater, Hampshire. She is also an Apterite and a former co-presenter on ZoomDown.

Titcombe made her debut against Andy Myerson on April 19th 2019. She won the game with 82 against Myerson's 68 points. She followed this with 7 more decent victories with one century in her sixth heat game. She rounded off her heat run with 720 points to become the 5th octochamp of Series 80.

Titcombe returned for the series finals in June 2019 as the number 5 seed, where she kept up steadily with the pace of #4-ranked Maggie Barlow in the quarter-finals; the score of the match remained deadlocked until the third numbers game. Titcombe then spotted SAILORS, which proved to be enough to set up a crucial conundrum; unfortunately for her, Barlow beat her to the buzzer on PARALARCH, relegating the #5 player her only defeat.

Titcombe was the audience member that solved the conundrum FILMBEGAN with the answer FLAMBEING on 9 December 2019.

Titcombe made her Co:Event debut at Co:LON 2019. She was due to host Co:LON 2020, her first hosting of a co-event, in May 2020 alongside George Armstrong, but it was ultimately postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

On 28 July 2001, Titcombe appeared as a contestant on The National Lottery: Winning Lines on BBC One.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
7057 19/04/2019 P Andy Myerson 68 – 82 Fiona Titcombe Paul Zenon Susie Dent 128
7058 22/04/2019 P Fiona Titcombe 99 – 61 Tim Hunter Paul Zenon Susie Dent 126
7059 23/04/2019 P Fiona Titcombe 82 – 74 Chris Parr Colin Murray Susie Dent 144
7060 24/04/2019 P Fiona Titcombe 90 – 47 Sue Corral Colin Murray Susie Dent 126
7061 25/04/2019 P Fiona Titcombe 69 – 63 Meera Murali Colin Murray Susie Dent 152
7062 26/04/2019 P Fiona Titcombe 109 – 54 Asset Beisembayev Colin Murray Susie Dent 141
7063 29/04/2019 P Fiona Titcombe 98 – 73 Sunita Rehan Colin Murray Susie Dent 156
7064 30/04/2019 P Fiona Titcombe 91 – 71 Adrian Trudgeon Al Murray Susie Dent 123
7104 25/06/2019 QF Maggie Barlow 98 – 78 Fiona Titcombe Richard Arnold Susie Dent 136
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