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Graham Moonie-Dalton

From Countdown
Graham Moonie-Dalton in Series 65...
...and 12 years later in Series 87!

Graham Moonie-Dalton was a contestant in Series 65, and a finalist in 87. He was a Media Officer and was born in The Netherlands, grew up in Scotland, but now lives in London. At the time of his Series 65 appearance, he was working for the Labour Party, but by the time of his Series 87 games, he was employed by the Prospect Trade Union.

Appearances on the programme

Series 65

Graham first appeared on 13 June 2011, at the start of Jeff Stelling's last series, where he was unfortunate to run into would-be Octochamp and eventual series champion Graeme Cole. It was a very close-run game which Moonie-Dalton took to a crucial conundrum ARABACORN, but Cole was the one who unscrambled it to CARBONARA, condemning Graham to defeat.

Series 87

Just under 12 years later though, he was allowed to come back. And this time, he earned his teapot against fellow returnee and series-finalist Adam Dexter by turning RICHVALUE into VEHICULAR to also be on the right end of a crucial conundrum. After racking up seven wins in his second stint, despite missing out on Octochampdom in his final heat game, he confirmed his place in the series finals of Series 87 due to the series having only two octochamps; the eventually confirmed lowest for 13 years. This, by coincidence, meant his Quarter-Final would lead him back to Adam Dexter.

In said quarter-final, unlike the previous ultra-close game that was played, Dexter surged to a 57-point victory and didn't lose any rounds to Graham, which also included from Adam the 9-letter word TRIANGLES to condemn Moonie-Dalton to defeat before the final numbers round. After neither player could turn SEESITAWL into LEASTWISE, Graham bowed out, with a final Series 87 points tally of 740 and including his Series 65 appearance, a total haul of 815 points across his 10 games.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Presenters Guest Lex Max
5284 13/06/2011 P Graeme Cole 94 – 75 Graham Moonie-Dalton Jeff Stelling Rachel Riley Jon Culshaw Susie Dent 124
8034 07/06/2023 P Adam Dexter 71 – 81 Graham Moonie-Dalton Colin Murray Rachel Riley Jon Culshaw Susie Dent 141
8035 08/06/2023 P Graham Moonie-Dalton 76 – 42 Susan Sweetman Colin Murray Rachel Riley Jon Culshaw Susie Dent 124
8036 09/06/2023 P Graham Moonie-Dalton 107 – 27 Danny Reed Colin Murray Rachel Riley Paul Sinha Susie Dent 155
8037 12/06/2023 P Graham Moonie-Dalton 91 – 54 Nick Kishor Colin Murray Rachel Riley Paul Sinha Susie Dent 134
8038 13/06/2023 P Graham Moonie-Dalton 84 – 56 Emma Marshall Colin Murray Rachel Riley Paul Sinha Susie Dent 133
8039 14/06/2023 P Graham Moonie-Dalton 76 – 43 Tracy Wheeler Colin Murray Rachel Riley Paul Sinha Susie Dent 125
8040 15/06/2023 P Graham Moonie-Dalton 104 – 40 Mark Parsons Colin Murray Rachel Riley Paul Sinha Susie Dent 136
8041 16/06/2023 P Graham Moonie-Dalton 61 – 74 Tony McCooey Colin Murray Rachel Riley Marcus Brigstocke Susie Dent 128
8047 26/06/2023 QF Graham Moonie-Dalton 60 – 117 Adam Dexter Colin Murray Rachel Riley Maggie Aderin-Pocock Susie Dent 134