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Adam Dexter

From Countdown
Adam Dexter in Series 69...
...and ten years later in Series 87!

Adam Dexter was a contestant in Series 69 and Series 87. At the time of his second appearance, he was an insurance claims handler from Kidderminster in Worcestershire. He has also been an Apterite since 2008 and has achieved a Top-50 rating on the Apterous Pro-Ranks leaderboard.

Appearances on the programme

Series 69

Debuting up against eventual series champion Callum Todd, Dexter played a good game and remained close to the end, but ultimately lost on a crucial conundrum DOTSTIRED which Todd unscrambled to DISTORTED.

Series 87

As a result of that unfortunate matchup, just under 10 years later and with now a few more years of practice on Apterous behind him, Dexter was allowed to return and made his second debut coincidentally just two shows after Ronan Higginson made his mark. Adam began with a century against one-time winner Shahid Chandna; this guaranteed a Teapot unlike his last appearance. After racking up 11 maxes, and a fourth century in his sixth game against challenger Jenny Schwarz, he was unseated in his seventh game, losing 81 – 71 to Graham Moonie-Dalton, a fellow returnee. However, due to the lack of octochamps in the series, his six wins confirmed his qualification for the series finals.


He also appeared in ZoomDown Series 4 where despite narrowly missing out on being a tetrachamp to fellow Apterite Martin Thomas, he made it to the finals, winning against Apterite Andres Sanchez but losing against Apterite Ronan Higginson. This performance also allowed him to qualify for the ZoomDown Championship of Champions where he was overpowered by Elliott Mellor, although Dexter got the last word by unscrambling SPARECOCK to ROCKSCAPE after Elliott initially provided an incorrect guess.

Other Tournament Highlights

Outside of Countdown and ZoomDown Series 4, he participated in an online tournament or two before attending COLIN 2010 where he finished in 26th place, he did better when he returned in COLIN 2012 and then appeared at CobliviLon later that year. One of his best unofficial Co-Event finishes was at Brighton 2022, where he finished in the Top 10 and only lost one game all day.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Presenters Guest Lex Max
5780 30/09/2013 P Callum Todd 83 – 66 Adam Dexter Nick Hewer Rachel Riley Katherine Grainger Susie Dent 120
8028 30/05/2023 P Shahid Chandna 63 – 112 Adam Dexter Colin Murray Rachel Riley Cally Beaton Susie Dent 158
8029 31/05/2023 P Adam Dexter 97 – 40 Anne Findlay Colin Murray Rachel Riley Cally Beaton Susie Dent 127
8030 01/06/2023 P Adam Dexter 123 – 41 Kendall Concannon Colin Murray Rachel Riley Cally Beaton Susie Dent 137
8031 02/06/2023 P Adam Dexter 85 – 54 Matt Sole Colin Murray Rachel Riley Jon Culshaw Susie Dent 138
8032 05/06/2023 P Adam Dexter 100 – 40 Balal Anwar Colin Murray Rachel Riley Jon Culshaw Susie Dent 134
8033 06/06/2023 P Adam Dexter 110 – 68 Jenny Schwarz Colin Murray Rachel Riley Jon Culshaw Susie Dent 120
8034 07/06/2023 P Adam Dexter 71 – 81 Graham Moonie-Dalton Colin Murray Rachel Riley Jon Culshaw Susie Dent 141