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Adam Dexter

From Countdown
Adam Dexter

Adam Dexter was a contestant in Series 69. He is not just any Apterous member; he participated in an online tournament or two before attending COLIN 2010 where he finished in 26th place, he did better when he returned in COLIN 2012 and then appeared at CobliviLon later that year.

He also appeared in ZoomDown Series 4 where despite narrowly missing out on being a tetrachamp to fellow Apterite Martin Thomas, he made it to the finals, winning against Apterite Andres Sanchez but losing against Apterite Ronan Higginson. This performance also allowed him to qualify for the ZoomDown Championship of Champions where he was overpowered by Elliott Mellor, although Dexter got the last word by unscrambling SPARECOCK to ROCKSCAPE after Elliott initially provided an incorrect guess.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Presenters Guest Lex Max
5780 30/09/2013 P Callum Todd 83 - 66 Adam Dexter Nick Hewer Rachel Riley Katherine Grainger Susie Dent 120