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Melanie Beaumont

From Countdown
Melanie Beaumont

Melanie Beaumont was a contestant in Series 43.

She was beaten by Graham Nash, who went on to win 15 games unbeaten in winning Series 43 and the Championship of Champions XI. In 2003, she was invited back for a special episode against fellow "high-scoring loser" from the 9-round era, Linda Dawe (though Beaumont's own losing score was 49, not especially high). Dawe prevailed over Beaumont in this special 126 – 83.

Beaumont is from Scotland and has been to the Edinburgh Countdown Club, as well as attending Co-events, coming fifth in COLIN 2005, sixth in CoBris 2006, and twelfth in COLIN 2006. She is also a competitive Scrabble player.

She appeared on Fifteen to One twice in May 2000 and September 2002, was a runner-up on an episode of The Weakest Link in November 2000, and was on Grand Slam in 2003. Beaumont also appeared on the first series of Only Connect in 2008 with fellow Scrabblers Alan Sinclair and Simon Gillam as a member of the "Edinburgh Scrabblers" team. They faced fellow Countdowners Elisabeth Jardine, Noel Turner and Penny Downer in their first game, and David Stainer in their second game. She appeared on A Question of Genius on 10 and 11 May 2010, winning her first show and coming second in her second. She then appeared on The Chase in 2012, followed by Breakaway later that same year, on the same episode as fellow Countdowner James Robinson. Beaumont also appeared on STV's Postcode Challenge.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Presenters Guest Lex Max
2811 18/07/2000 P Daniel Burton 38 – 43 Melanie Beaumont Richard Whiteley Carol Vorderman David Steel Gillian Evans 68
2812 19/07/2000 P Melanie Beaumont 42 – 37 Lynette Grzonka Richard Whiteley Carol Vorderman David Steel Gillian Evans 72
2813 20/07/2000 P Melanie Beaumont 49 – 60 Graham Nash Richard Whiteley Carol Vorderman David Steel Gillian Evans 73
S11 11/09/2003 S Melanie Beaumont 83 – 126 Linda Dawe Richard Whiteley Carol Vorderman Bernard Ingham Alison Heard 140