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Michael Bowden

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Michael Bowden
Octochamp Statistics
Final positionQuarter-finalist
Points total739
Conundrums solved2
Michael Bowden

Michael Bowden was a finalist in Series 54, making his debut on 25 January 2006.

Bowden was a model of consistency throughout his run, only twice scoring outside the 90s. His sole century came at the expense of Benjamin Bell, which completed his run as an octochamp. Bowden shares with Kai Laddiman the distinction of having sat in the champion's chair for all 8 of his heat games, due to the fact that he debuted the day after another octochamp.

739 points saw Bowden return as the #6 seed, where he met Matthew Shore. Bowden pushed Shore to a crucial conundrum, but Shore proved too good by unscrambling MOOCHYBEN into HONEYCOMB in 9 seconds.

His own record of his experience on the show can be read on The Countdown Page here.

The following year, Bowden returned to the Countdown world for the unofficial COLIN 2007 tournament.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
4018 25/01/2006 P Michael Bowden 93 – 85 Gary Watton Jo Brand Susie Dent 120
4019 26/01/2006 P Michael Bowden 93 – 84 Sheila Rudge Lesley Garrett Susie Dent 137
4020 27/01/2006 P Michael Bowden 91 – 32 Brian Oliver Lesley Garrett Susie Dent 123
4021 28/01/2006 P Michael Bowden 73 – 64 Christine Grant Lesley Garrett Susie Dent 142
4022 30/01/2006 P Michael Bowden 94 – 71 David Collier Lesley Garrett Susie Dent 134
4023 31/01/2006 P Michael Bowden 97 – 63 Linda Morton Barry Norman Susie Dent 127
4024 1/02/2006 P Michael Bowden 92 – 56 Joan Soothill Barry Norman Susie Dent 132
4025 2/02/2006 P Michael Bowden 106 – 59 Benjamin Bell Barry Norman Susie Dent 122
4108 22/05/2006 QF Michael Bowden 69 – 88 Matthew Shore Richard Digance Susie Dent 112
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