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Allan Simmons

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Allan Simmons

Allan Simmons was a finalist in Series 3.

A computer programmer from London, he was the first player ever to win seven shows in a row, just being pipped to the post by eventual octochamp William Bradford. He returned to the finals as #3 seed, but was beaten by Andrew Guy in the quarter-final.

His sister, Valerie appeared in Series 4, and he is married to Gilli Appleby, the twin sister of Series 2 finalist Philip Appleby.

Away from Countdown, Allan has been very heavily involved in the world of Scrabble, having been both chairman of the ABSP and its international equivalent WESPA (The World English-Language Scrabble Players' Association). A full-time Scrabble consultant and one of the UK's most dominant players, he has edited Onwords Magazine (now known as OnBoard) since 1979 and is a five-time British Matchplay Scrabble champion, four-time ABSP Masters winner and the 2008 National Scrabble champion. He has represented Scotland at the World Scrabble Championship on numerous occasions. In 2016 he reached the quarter-final stage of the 2016 MSI World Championship, as well as winning three of the ABSP's five major events in that year.

On 13th November 2017, Simmons was given a three-year ban from competitive Scrabble for cheating, following complaints from Lewis Mackay and other players. [1] This cost him his role as Saturday Scrabble columnist for The Times, which was eventually taken over by Paul Gallen.

Series runner-up
Masters Series 1
Followed by
Stephen Deakin
Michael Wylie


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
89 3/10/1983 P Allan Simmons 41 – 35 Ted Wiles William Rushton Yvonne Warburton 64
90 4/10/1983 P Allan Simmons 47 – 37 George France William Rushton Yvonne Warburton 70
91 5/10/1983 P Allan Simmons 36 – 36 Alan Walker William Rushton Yvonne Warburton 70
92 6/10/1983 P Allan Simmons 61 – 42 Alan Walker William Rushton Yvonne Warburton 70
93 10/10/1983 P Allan Simmons 61 – 18 Pat Williams William Rushton Yvonne Warburton 73
94 11/10/1983 P Peter Dean 21 – 47 Allan Simmons William Rushton Yvonne Warburton 72
95 12/10/1983 P John Rusted 40 – 47 Allan Simmons William Rushton Yvonne Warburton 70
96 13/10/1983 P Eric Shaw 19 – 45 Allan Simmons William Rushton Yvonne Warburton 73
97 17/10/1983 P Allan Simmons 31 – 38 William Bradford William Rushton Yvonne Warburton 72
128 8/12/1983 QF Andrew Guy 62 – 35 Allan Simmons Ned Sherrin Julia Swannell 70
M43 22/01/1990-26/01/1990 M Harry Venet 41 – 121 Allan Simmons none Freda Thornton 133
M80 8/10/1990-12/10/1990 M Allan Simmons 85 – 44 Steve Williams none Mark Nyman 137


Allan Simmons on Wikipedia.

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