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Bobby Johnson

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Bobby Johnson was a contestant in Series 40, 41 and 70.

In his original stint, he won two games before being stopped by the series finals, and returned for the first heat of the new series, where he lost heavily to eventual winner Scott Mearns. In his second run on the show, he won three games before once again coming up against the eventual series winner Mark Murray, although this time, Johnson was able to keep the game much closer, holding Murray to a crucial conundrum.

He returned to the show at the end of 2014, to face-off against Bobby Banerjee in a special episode entitled "Battle of the Bobbys".


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
2544 15/06/1999 P Paul Kerry 44 – 46 Bobby Johnson Richard Digance Susie Dent 71
2545 16/06/1999 P Bobby Johnson 54 – 35 Marie Rocco Richard Digance Susie Dent 83
2553 28/06/1999 P Bobby Johnson 12 – 80 Scott Mearns Jan Harvey Damian Eadie 86
5899 7/04/2014 P Ann Robinson 71 – 92 Bobby Johnson Colin Murray Susie Dent 125
5900 8/04/2014 P Bobby Johnson 87 – 60 Cathy Doyle Michael Whitehall Susie Dent 122
5901 9/04/2014 P Bobby Johnson 85 – 69 Peter Littleton Michael Whitehall Susie Dent 131
5902 10/04/2014 P Bobby Johnson 96 – 115 Mark Murray Michael Whitehall Susie Dent 145
S41 12/12/2014 S Bobby Banerjee 65 – 82 Bobby Johnson Arlene Phillips Susie Dent 122
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