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Chris Colsmann

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Chris Colsmann on the set.

Chris Colsmann was the runner-up of Series 30 and a participant in Championship of Champions VIII.

A 17-year old bank clerk, he beat Maggie Desogus in his first appearance by virtue of a sudden-death conundrum, and won a further three games before losing at the hands of Kate Leckie. Colsmann returned for the final stages as No. 8 seed, but that didn't stop him as he comfortably beat No. 1 seed Graham Cross in the quarter-finals and Martin Linden in the semi-finals to set up a rare grand final occurrence of No. 7 vs No. 8 seed against Verity Joubert. Colsmann was outclassed by Joubert, in large part due to offering three words not in the dictionary, and had to settle for second-best.

Colsmann returned for Championship of Champions VIII, but was beaten in the first round by Kenneth Michie.

Preceded by
Chris Rogers
Series runner-up
Series 30
Followed by
Kenneth Michie


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
1703 11/09/1995 P Maggie Desogus 51 – 61* Chris Colsmann Martin Jarvis Ruth Killick 75
1704 12/09/1995 P Surya Ahamed 44 – 45 Chris Colsmann Martin Jarvis Ruth Killick 71
1705 13/09/1995 P Maria Over 19 – 51 Chris Colsmann Martin Jarvis Ruth Killick 74
1706 14/09/1995 P Tony Tonissoo 14 – 48 Chris Colsmann Martin Jarvis Ruth Killick 68
1707 15/09/1995 P Kate Leckie 36 – 35 Chris Colsmann Martin Jarvis Susie Dent 70
1711 21/09/1995 QF Graham Cross 37 – 68 Chris Colsmann David Jacobs Susie Dent 72
1715 27/09/1995 SF Martin Linden 45 – 49 Chris Colsmann David Jacobs Susie Dent 70
1717 29/09/1995 GF Chris Colsmann 65 – 86 Verity Joubert David Jacobs, Jon Pertwee Susie Dent 127
1850 2/10/1996 CQF Chris Colsmann 40 – 59 Kenneth Michie Jan Harvey Susie Dent 72
* includes 10 points from a tie-break conundrum
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