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Verity Joubert

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Verity Joubert

Verity Joubert was the champion of Series 30, and a participant in the Supreme Championship and the Ladies' Championship. She was an accountant from Wimbledon.

Joubert first appeared on Countdown on 26 July 1995, beating Andrew Bull 50 – 46 in the 18th heat game of Series 30. Joubert won 3 more games before losing to Chris Williams 69 – 33. Her four wins were enough to see her into the final rounds as No. 7 seed, where she beat Andrew Bull a second time in the quarter-final before beating Sue Renwick in the semi-final. In the final against Chris Colsmann, a very rare No. 7 vs No. 8 seed encounter, Joubert entered a consistently good performance whilst Colsmann had multiple words disallowed. In the end, Verity ran out the 86 – 65 winner, and became the thirtieth champion of Countdown in the process.

Joubert did not participate in Championship of Champions VIII as she was unable to make it to the Countdown studios on the days required, but was instead entered directly into the Supreme Championship two months later. She was drawn into Group G, and lost to Kevin Nelson in the first round on the unsolved crucial conundrum SPOORINGS.

Joubert's Countdown adventure was not over, however, as she would return to the studios in 2003 to record a special three-day 'Ladies' championship' against other female series champions. However, she lost to Kate Ogilvie 47 – 39 in the first round.

Preceded by
Darren Shacklady
Series winner
Series 30
Followed by
David Acton


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
1670 26/07/1995 P Andrew Bull 46 – 50 Verity Joubert Richard Stilgoe Richard Samson 74
1671 27/07/1995 P Warren Read 32 – 43 Verity Joubert Philip Franks Richard Samson 72
1672 28/07/1995 P Paul Horswill 31 – 58 Verity Joubert Philip Franks Richard Samson 72
1673 31/07/1995 P Edna King 30 – 56 Verity Joubert Philip Franks Richard Samson 74
1674 1/08/1995 P Chris Williams 69 – 33 Verity Joubert Philip Franks Richard Samson 73
1712 22/09/1995 QF Andrew Bull 45 – 52 Verity Joubert David Jacobs Susie Dent 72
1716 28/09/1995 SF Sue Renwick 31 – 52 Verity Joubert David Jacobs Susie Dent 73
1717 29/09/1995 GF Chris Colsmann 65 – 86 Verity Joubert David Jacobs, Jon Pertwee Susie Dent 127
1895 4/12/1996 gQF Verity Joubert 35 – 43 Kevin Nelson Richard Digance David Swarbrick 72
3437 12/03/2003 LSF Kate Ogilvie 47 – 39 Verity Joubert Rick Wakeman Alison Heard 74
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