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David Acton

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David Acton
Octochamp Statistics
Final positionChampion
Points total486
Conundrums solved6
David Acton

David Acton was an octochamp in and the champion of Series 31, as well as a semi-finalist in Championship of Champions VIII.

He first appeared on Countdown on 27 February 1996, beating Bryan Darbey 67 – 42. Acton won his remaining seven games in impressive fashion, including an 81 – 8 drubbing of Peter Chamberlain, the highest score of the series and second largest 9-round winning margin of all time. With 486 points to his name, Acton was the clear #1 seed going into the final rounds.

In the finals, he defeated Kevin Fisk and Anne Bougourd on his way to a Grand Final match-up with Kenneth Michie. Despite having two words disallowed, Acton was still leading by 6 points going into the crucial conundrum, and unscrambled SUSISDENT in 11.5 seconds to become the first undefeated champion since Don Reid in Series 25. However, being a strict vegan, Acton famously declined the first prize of the leather-bound dictionaries and opted instead for the CD-ROM form, donating the difference to a local school.

Acton returned later that year for Championship of Champions VIII, comfortably beating Dennis Fearon in the first round before falling to eventual winner Chris Rogers in the semi-final.

Acton would return to Countdown one last time, for a special episode – a rematch of his final with Kenneth Michie. This time, Michie was the clear winner.

David Acton is also a Scrabble Grandmaster.

Preceded by
Verity Joubert
Series winner
Series 31
Followed by
Alan Sinclair


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
1759 27/02/1996 P David Acton 67 – 42 Bryan Darbey Nigel Rees Catherine Stokes 70
1760 28/02/1996 P David Acton 62 – 21 John Shirreffs Nigel Rees Catherine Stokes 83
1761 29/02/1996 P David Acton 47 – 40 Joan Coker Jan Harvey Catherine Stokes 70
1762 1/03/1996 P David Acton 81 – 8 Peter Chamberlain Jan Harvey Catherine Stokes 83
1763 4/03/1996 P David Acton 52 – 44 Ed Barlow Jan Harvey Catherine Stokes 72
1764 5/03/1996 P David Acton 52 – 31 Liz Groombridge Jan Harvey Catherine Stokes 72
1765 6/03/1996 P David Acton 70 – 35 Paulinus Barnes Jan Harvey Catherine Stokes 72
1766 7/03/1996 P David Acton 55 – 44 Paul Parry Jan Harvey Catherine Stokes 73
1776 21/03/1996 QF Kevin Fisk 36 – 63 David Acton Rosalind Ayres Susie Dent 93
1780 27/03/1996 SF David Acton 54 – 48 Anne Bougourd Rosalind Ayres Susie Dent 74
1782 29/03/1996 GF David Acton 83 – 67 Kenneth Michie Martin Jarvis, Rosalind Ayres Susie Dent 127
1849 1/10/1996 CQF David Acton 61 – 13 Dennis Fearon Jan Harvey Susie Dent 81
1852 4/10/1996 CSF Chris Rogers 47 – 41 David Acton Jan Harvey Susie Dent 83
S8 8/09/2003 S David Acton 70 – 104 Kenneth Michie Richard Stilgoe Damian Eadie 141
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