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Co:Wat III

From Countdown

Co:Wat III took place in County Waterford, Ireland on July 27 2019. It was the third Countdown event held in Waterford and was hosted by Eoin Jackson. The tournament was won by Edward Byrne. Hazel Drury was runner-up. Apterite Liam Holton was a newcomer.

FOCAL standings after the event

The top 8 after this round of the 2019 FOCAL season were as follows:

Pos. Name Points
> 1 Callum Todd 358
> 2 Jack Worsley 354
> 3 Bradley Horrocks 334
+1 4 Edward Byrne 304
-1 5 Tim Down 290
> 6 Graeme Cole 263
> 7 Zarte Siempre 256
> 8 Richard Priest 253

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