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Countdown in Milton Keynes 2016

From Countdown

Countdown in Milton Keynes was a FOCAL tournament on Saturday 20th August 2016 at The New Queen Victoria pub in Wolverton, hosted by Series 69 contestant Zarte Siempre and Series 61 semi-finalist Innis Carson. It was attended by 46 players, making it 2016's joint most-attended event. The event was the second to be held in Milton Keynes, after 2015's Countdown in Milton Keynes, which saw a record attendance of 50 players.

It was won by James Robinson, in a repeat of the previous year's final against Dylan Taylor. Robinson had lost in 2015, but won this time on a second tiebreak conundrum - LASTTIMEH (ATHLETISM) - after both contestants matched each other for the first 8 rounds and failed to solve first conundrum OHCRUCIAL (ACHOLURIC), which none of the other attendees had managed to solve.

FOCAL standings after the event

The top 8 after this round of the 2016 FOCAL season were as follows:

Pos. Name Points
+1 1 Jack Worsley 408
+2 2 James Robinson 338
> 3 Tom Carey 329
-3 4 Zarte Siempre 328
> 5 Giles Hutchings 314
+1 = Jen Steadman 314
+1 7 Callum Todd 306
+3 8 Rob Foster 274

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Countdown in Milton Keynes 2016
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