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Episode Cats87

From Countdown

Episode Cats87, billed as 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Series 14, Episode 1 was a special episode broadcast on 18 August 2017, as part of 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Series 14.

Acting Team Captain Alan Carr and Regular Jon Richardson were the contestants, along with Kevin Bridges and Cariad Lloyd who were their teammates respectively, while Jimmy Carr reprised his role as the host.

The match saw Alan Carr, with the assistance of Kevin Bridges, winning by 45 – 18 in an 7-rounder and they won a pair of Countdown pogo sticks.

Rachel Riley was, as ever, the arithmetician. The Dictionary Corner guests were Elis James and John Robins, and the lexicographer was Susie Dent.

Just before Round 5, both Alan and Jon had to feel objects which were all spelt with nine letters one at a time while blindfolded and guess what they were. Alan got the words MEDALLION and MARGARINE while Jon got the words GREYHOUND, COURGETTE and POLICEMAN. Hence, Jon's team won the game with the score at 3 – 2 and five points were awarded to his team.

Interesting and notable moments from the episode are listed below:

1) During the Introduction, Alan undressed himself and revealed that he was wearing the exact identical dress Susie was wearing. He would continue doing so for the remainder of the show.

2) For Jon Richardson's Prop, to "spice up" the game, he would turn a wheel and unpeel the sticker at whichever wedge it stopped on. He then had to get a word relating to that Category behind the sticker. For Round 1, he got "The Spanish Language", and Susie deliberately brought the "Oxford Essential Spanish Dictionary" to suit the category, although he got AMIGOS which is a valid word in the English Language as well. He later got the categories "Sexual Innuendo" in Round 3, "Onomatopoeia" in Round 5 and "Hygiene" in Round 6. The other Categories that were not used were revealed just before Round 6; they were "Jon Richardson", "Swearing", "Nine Letter Words" and "The English Language".

3) In Round 1, the clock music was replaced with a jazz piece with three musicians playing the accompaniment. Later when Jimmy asked them to leave, they kept playing despite him asking to stop which caused him to be annoyed and swear.

4) During the 30 seconds in Round 2, Cariad was seen eating ring snacks from her prop's fingers while Alan was caught dancing to the clock music.

5) At the end of Round 3, Cariad was chased in the studio by a gorilla after Jimmy asked it to go after her, to the point she was so scared that she went into the audience to shield herself. The gorilla later reappeared during the 30 seconds in Round 5, causing Cariad to say she "shat herself" after the round, which went after her again after Jimmy was unimpressed she gave an invalid word in that round.

6) During the 30 seconds in Round 6, Jimmy went into the "Time Machine 3000" and when turned back to 1967, "John Lennon" came out with two ladies beside "him". When turned forward to 3000, a NASA Astronaut came out before finally turning back to 1605 when Jimmy came out dressed in Traditional English clothing.

NOTE 1: In this version, both players' declarations were allowed, although points were only awarded for the best answer.

NOTE 2: During the Conundrum, despite Jon's Team pressing the buzzer first which was indicated by the sound and the light, Jimmy went for Alan's team instead as he had exclaimed. Thus, had Jon's team given the correct answer on that try if Jimmy had noticed the light, the score would have been 35 – 28.


Rnd Selection Kevin & Alan Score Jon & Cariad Others Max.
meowings ☓9
6 – 6 AMIGOS
2 25 9 5 4 1 2 → 670 670 ☓
6 – 6

RR: 670 = (2 + 1) × 9 × 25 − 5

Rnd Selection Alan Carr Score Jon Richardson Others Max.
3 LUTRASIHS SHIRTS / sharts ☓ 12 – 6 sluthairs ☓ / shitrulas ☓ RISHTAS*, RITUALS, SALTISH*, SHAURIS*, SHIATSU*, SURAHIS*, TAHSILS* 25
Rnd Selection Kevin Bridges Score Cariad Lloyd Others Max.
4 50 100 8 9 4 3 → 717 717
(3 + 4) × 100 + 8 + 9
22 – 6 897

TTT AMPLESEX Show me how you do it. EXAMPLES
Rnd Selection Kevin & Alan Score Jon & Cariad Others Max.
radions ☓
28 – 11 roids ☓
raison ☓
35 – 18 SCUTTLE / toyslut ☓
(19.25 seconds)
45 – 18 66