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Steve Sandalls

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Steve in the Series 46 final.

Steve Sandalls was the runner-up of Series 46.

He won 5 heat games before losing the final 6th game by just 4 points. He also racked up a score of 109, then the highest in the history of 15-round Countdown, surpassed a couple of weeks later by Simon Cartwright. He returned for the finals as #6 seed behind 5 Viscounts. He beat Loz Sands in the quarter-final on a crucial conundrum before beating Brian Capper who had beaten the #2 seed in his quarter-final. In the final itself he faced #1 seed Ben Wilson. The scores were tight, but Steve went ahead after Ben made a mistake on the 3rd numbers game. He was one point ahead on the conundrum, but it was Ben that solved ASSISTANT to win the Series. Rather controversially, Steve was not invited back to Championship of Champions XI, instead his place was given to Loz Sands, despite Steve eliminating her in their quarter-final.

Preceded by
Geraldine Hylands
Series runner-up
Series 46
Followed by
Tom Hargreaves


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
3094 4/10/2001 P Ronald Holt 46 – 107 Steve Sandalls Lesley Graham Susie Dent 130
3095 5/10/2001 P Steve Sandalls 84 – 51 Ted Beddard Lesley Graham Susie Dent 141
3096 8/10/2001 P Steve Sandalls 109 – 70 Paul Gardener Keith Barron Tania Styles 118
3097 9/10/2001 P Steve Sandalls 70 – 47 Pat Baxter Keith Barron Tania Styles 128
3098 10/10/2001 P Steve Sandalls 89 – 61 Bruce Dick Keith Barron Tania Styles 132
3099 11/10/2001 P Steve Sandalls 66 – 70 Diane Dootson Keith Barron Tania Styles 123
3148 19/12/2001 QF Loz Sands 66 – 82 Steve Sandalls Denis Norden Tania Styles 138
3151 24/12/2001 SF Brian Capper 84 – 99 Steve Sandalls Geoffrey Durham Clare Pemberton 142
3152 25/12/2001 GF Steve Sandalls 75 – 84 Ben Wilson Geoffrey Durham Clare Pemberton 117
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