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Tom Hargreaves

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Tom Hargreaves
Octochamp Statistics
Final positionRunner-up
Points total850
Conundrums solved5
Tom Hargreaves in the 30th Birthday Championship.
Tom Hargreaves at COLIN 2005.

Tom Hargreaves was an octochamp and runner-up in Series 47, and was a contestant in the 30th Birthday Championship.

At 16 years old, he was one of the youngest octochamps in the game's history, and the first one under the 15 round format. He ran off the first eight heat games of the series with a then record score of 850 — 106.25 points per game. It included a crucial conundrum 103 – 92 against Elfie Winterton. Unfortunately, Winterton needed to write the conundrums down before she could solve them, and Hargreaves got it in just a few seconds, before she had written it down. In the quarter-final, he faced Mike Pullin who held him to a crucial conundrum, mainly thanks to the word HUNKIEST, but it was Tom that solved SIDSDIMES first. In the semi-final, he faced Kevin Thurlow and Hargreaves beat Thurlow, as he scored maximums in every round but two, although he couldn't solve the conundrum OUTERSUNS he was in the final with a score over 100.

There he faced #1 seed Chris Wills and the final turned out not to be a classic as Hargreaves missed a numbers of words and was not able to beat Chris on the conundrum. Wills took the game with a score of 110. Hargreaves was invited back a year later to take part in the Championship of Champions XI where he beat John Rainsden and the unbeaten Ben Wilson to qualify for the semi-finals against Graham Nash. Hargreaves looked off-par against Nash with three disallowed words, including RESCALING when Nash had the only valid 9, CLEARINGS. This ended Hargreaves' run as he finished with 12 wins out of 14, his only two defeats were against two Series champions, Chris Wills and Graham Nash.

He returned to Countdown in 2013, as one of 41 contestants taking part in the 30th Birthday Championship. He won his first match against Series 62 runner-up Nicki Sellars by a score of 117 – 57, before losing to the Series 58 champion David O'Donnell in round 1 in a game that ended 111 – 86.

His own record of his experience on the show can be read on The Countdown Page here.

Hargreaves also appeared at the first Countdown tournament, COLIN 2005.

Preceded by
Steve Sandalls
Series runner-up
Series 47
Followed by
Grace Page


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
3153 26/12/2001 P Terance Carey 67 – 110 Tom Hargreaves Geoffrey Durham Clare Pemberton 132
3154 27/12/2001 P Tom Hargreaves 111 – 73 Terry McHugh Geoffrey Durham Clare Pemberton 123
3155 28/12/2001 P Tom Hargreaves 110 – 64 Alan Wright Geoffrey Durham Clare Pemberton 120
3156 31/12/2001 P Tom Hargreaves 106 – 83 Lindy Moffat Joan Bakewell Richard Samson 134
3157 1/01/2002 P Tom Hargreaves 103 – 92 Elfie Winterton Joan Bakewell Richard Samson 121
3158 2/01/2002 P Tom Hargreaves 101 – 44 Terry Thomas Joan Bakewell Richard Samson 123
3159 3/01/2002 P Tom Hargreaves 111 – 82 Carol Merchant Joan Bakewell Richard Samson 142
3160 4/01/2002 P Tom Hargreaves 98 – 50 Janet Bernstein Joan Bakewell Richard Samson 120
3274 21/06/2002 QF Mike Pullin 89 – 106 Tom Hargreaves Geoffrey Durham Susie Dent 118
3278 27/06/2002 SF Kevin Thurlow 93 – 109 Tom Hargreaves Richard Digance Damian Eadie 122
3279 28/06/2002 GF Tom Hargreaves 67 – 110 Chris Wills Richard Digance Damian Eadie 129
3395 13/01/2003 CP John Rainsden 65 – 117 Tom Hargreaves Tim Rice Susie Dent 132
3400 20/01/2003 CQF Tom Hargreaves 131 – 98 Ben Wilson Eric Knowles Susie Dent 144
3403 23/01/2003 CSF Tom Hargreaves 83 – 104 Graham Nash Eric Knowles Susie Dent 132
5615 7/01/2013 30BP Tom Hargreaves 117 – 57 Nicki Sellars Dave Myers Susie Dent 131
5635 4/02/2013 30B1 David O'Donnell 111 – 86 Tom Hargreaves Kate Adie Susie Dent 128

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