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Tracey Mills

From Countdown
Tracey Mills
Octochamp Statistics
Final positionRunner-up
Points total836
Conundrums solved4
Tracey Mills in the Championship of Champions XIV.
Tracey Mills (fifth left) with the other contestants and the team, during her appearance in Series 47.

Tracey Mills was a contestant in Series 47, an octochamp in and the runner-up of Series 72, and a participant in Championship of Champions XIV. She is also an Apterite. She has also appeared in the Countdown audience numerous times as the conundrum solver, and owns seven Countdown mugs, probably more than anyone else.

Appearances on the programme

Heat games

After narrowly losing in her first appearance in Series 47, Mills returned for her second début in early 2015, as part of Series 72. Despite falling behind in her first game against fellow apterite Neil Stephenson, she found the 9 letter word FEATURING late on to secure a century. Five more centuries followed in her octorun, including in her last game against Wendy Cooke, where she held her opponent to the then lowest ever 15-round score on Countdown.


Mills entered the finals as number three seed, and despite a nervous start to her quarter-final, defeated Jordan Barker and proved too strong for number two seed Gerry Tynan in the semi-final to set up a clash with number one seed Tom Cappleman. Despite taking an early lead with BEACONS, Mills fell behind after the first numbers. While keeping Cappleman in her sights, she was unable to force a crucial conundrum and ended the series as runner-up.

Championship of Champions XIV

Mills returned in 2016 for Championship of Champions XIV. In the first round, she was given a tough draw against multiple-record holder Dylan Taylor. Here, Mills demonstrated excellent knowledge in a tough mix of letters and numbers rounds, but made the two unfortunate offerings of iodcrase ☓ and servuga ☓, both of which were very slight misspellings of valid words spotted by Taylor and by Dictionary Corner. The Series 69 runner-up went on to score in every round and emerge the victor by a score of 120 – 73.


Mills made her Co-event debut at COHUD and CoChest2 in 2012. She competed in the 2018 FOCAL finals as the No. 3 seed and finished in 7th place, winning two out of seven games.

Appearances on quiz shows

Mills participated on William G. Stewart's final series of Fifteen to One in 2003. She has also appeared on BrainTeaser on Channel 5 and on TV Scrabble on Challenge.

Preceded by
Antoinette Ryan
Series runner-up
Series 72
Followed by
Matthew Tassier


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
3165 11/01/2002 P Jeremy Slaney 81 - 77 Tracey Mills Don Black Richard Samson 137
6069 21/01/2015 P Neil Stephenson 83 - 104 Tracey Mills Tim Wonnacott Susie Dent 133
6070 22/01/2015 P Tracey Mills 101 - 25 Sean Chenery Tim Wonnacott Susie Dent 142
6071 23/01/2015 P Tracey Mills 97 - 37 Keith Taylor Tim Wonnacott Susie Dent 121
6072 26/01/2015 P Tracey Mills 109 - 59 Mickie Wynne-Davies Helen Skelton Susie Dent 146
6073 27/01/2015 P Tracey Mills 107 - 69 Gary Coroner Helen Skelton Susie Dent 121
6074 28/01/2015 P Tracey Mills 116 - 58 Daniel Rhymer Helen Skelton Susie Dent 127
6075 29/01/2015 P Tracey Mills 98 - 77 Martin McConachie Helen Skelton Susie Dent 119
6076 30/01/2015 P Tracey Mills 104 - 6 Wendy Cooke Helen Skelton Susie Dent 122
6152 8/06/2015 QF Tracey Mills 99 - 66 Jordan Barker Jo Brand Susie Dent 158
6155 11/06/2015 SF Gerry Tynan 89 - 101 Tracey Mills Jo Brand Susie Dent 124
6156 12/06/2015 GF Tom Cappleman 107 - 89 Tracey Mills Jo Brand Susie Dent 126
6281 7/01/2016 CP Dylan Taylor 120 - 73 Tracey Mills Gloria Hunniford Susie Dent 124