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Jeremy Slaney

From Countdown
Jeremy Slaney
Octochamp Statistics
Final positionSemi-finalist
Points total741
Conundrums solved6
Jeremy Slaney in Series 47...
...and 19 years later in Series 84!

Jeremy Slaney was a contestant in Series 47 and an octochamp in 84. He's a gardener from High Halden in Kent.

Slaney débuted in January 2002, winning three games before losing his fourth to would-be series champion Chris Wills. Returning nearly 20 years later, Slaney won on his "second début" against Nick Smith. On his ninth overall appearace, Slaney finally achieved his first century, scoring 110 against Anna Sanders. In his seventh game of his second stint, Slaney solved a crucial conundrum to win with a low of 73. This time, Slaney's octochamp run was not halted as he beat Lisa Horan to claim eight straight victories unbeaten, with a cumulative score of 741 points. His numbers were especially strong.

Returning for the finals as the No. 4 seed, Slaney squared off against Matt Gould in the last quarter-final. While both players solved all the numbers games and unravelled IDOLATERS for 9, Slaney established an unassailable lead in the letters games and won with a personal best of 126 points. Slaney then took on number 1 seed Ahmed Mohamed in the semi-finals. Both players began strong with a first-round nine-letter word, but Mohamed's spot of RANCOROUS only three rounds later put Slaney out of striking distance. Slaney gained back some ground in the third "half" with the beaters MAGPIES and CLOUTED, but ultimately the top seed would prevail 118 – 65 and relegate Slaney to his second defeat. Slaney amassed an overall total of 932 points in his Series 84 run. With his Series 47 run, his overall total is 1,241 points. Mohamed went on to win the series, meaning that both of Slaney's defeats had been to the eventual series champion.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
3163 9/01/2002 P Hazel Khan 69 - 88 Jeremy Slaney Don Black Richard Samson 123
3164 10/01/2002 P Jeremy Slaney 74 - 43 Pat Collins Don Black Richard Samson 123
3165 11/01/2002 P Jeremy Slaney 81 - 77 Tracey Mills Don Black Richard Samson 137
3166 14/01/2002 P Jeremy Slaney 66 - 107 Chris Wills Kathryn Apanowicz Susie Dent 153
7575 18/08/2021 P Nick Smith 55 - 96 Jeremy Slaney Jeremy Thompson Susie Dent 133
7576 19/08/2021 P Jeremy Slaney 91 - 54 Steve Jackson Jeremy Thompson Susie Dent 124
7577 20/08/2021 P Jeremy Slaney 95 - 56 Shireen Ahmed Jeremy Thompson Susie Dent 135
7578 23/08/2021 P Jeremy Slaney 88 - 73 Ian Rich Myleene Klass Susie Dent 136
7579 24/08/2021 P Jeremy Slaney 110 - 19 Anna Sanders Myleene Klass Susie Dent 149
7580 25/08/2021 P Jeremy Slaney 93 - 46 Andrea Price Myleene Klass Susie Dent 124
7581 26/08/2021 P Jeremy Slaney 73 - 61 David King Myleene Klass Susie Dent 132
7582 27/08/2021 P Jeremy Slaney 95 - 48 Lisa Horan Myleene Klass Susie Dent 135
7663 20/12/2021 QF Jeremy Slaney 126 - 94 Matt Gould Richard Coles Susie Dent 143
7664 21/12/2021 SF Ahmed Mohamed 118 - 65 Jeremy Slaney Richard Coles Susie Dent 145