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Kate Ogilvie

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Kate Ogilvie is widely regarded by fans as being one of the greatest female Countdowners of all time, if not one of the greatest full stop. She first appeared on the show on 11 September 1998, beating Neil Doherty 48-42. She won a further 7 games to become an octochamp, and returned for the series finals as #2 seed. After beating Pat Peacock and Andrew Lucas in the quarter- and semi-finals repsectively, she took on Richard Saldanha, brother of the famous Allan Saldanha in the grand final on Christmas Day 1998. The final was a close-run affair, with Kate leading by two points going into the crucial conundrum. However, neither player was able to unscramble YULETIDER in the 30 seconds, meaning that Kate became the 39th champion of Countdown- only the fifth ever female series winner and to date, the only woman to win a series unbeaten. She returned to Countdown in December 1999 for Championship of Champions X, where she was given a bye into the semi-finals on account of her undefeated status. After beating Terence English, she faced Scott Mearns in the final, and was outclassed by the young champion, losing 82-56. Kate would later be invited back twice to the Countdown studios, the first time to record a special game, a rematch of her final against Richard Saldanha, which she again won, and secondly to film the 'Ladies' championship' in series 49, where she beat Verity Joubert and Hilary Hopper to win the 3-day mini-series.

Preceded by
John Ashmore
Series winner
Series 37
Followed by
Terence English