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John Ashmore

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John Ashmore in Series 38...
...and 15 years later in the 30th Birthday Championship!

John Ashmore was the Series 38 champion. He was a 40-year-old payroll clerk from Great Yarmouth.

He first appeared on Countdown on 7 April 1998, beating Alan Atkins 50 – 40 in the 57th heat of Series 38. He won 3 more games before losing at the hands of Peter Malone. However, his four wins were sufficient to see him return for the final rounds as #5 seed.

In the quarter-finals, he beat Gerry Pearce after a sudden death conundrum, and beat #1 seed Chris Toyne the very next day in the semi-final. In the final against Steve Fisher, Ashmore led by 2 points going into the crucial conundrum. ENTRCHAMP appeared on the conundrum board, and within 4 seconds, Ashmore had buzzed, correctly answering PARCHMENT to win the game 91 – 79, and become the 38th champion of Countdown. Ashmore returned at the end of 1999 for Championship of Champions X, but was defeated in the first round by Terry Knowles.

Ashmore returned to the Countdown studios on 18 March 2003, to film a special episode rematch of his final against Steve Fisher, but the game has not yet been broadcast.

He returned to Countdown in 2013, as one of 41 contestants taking part in the 30th Birthday Championship. After receiving a bye to the first round, he lost his only match against the Series 60 champion Kirk Bevins by a score of 130 – 92, which was also the second 15-round max game in the show's history.

He is also a competitive Scrabble player, and is married to former Countdown contestant Anne Hidden.

Preceded by
Ray McPhie
Series winner
Series 38
Followed by
Kate Ogilvie


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
2234 7/04/1998 P Alan Atkins 40 – 50 John Ashmore Philip Franks Susie Dent 83
2235 8/04/1998 P John Ashmore 60 – 38 Cath Paxton Philip Franks Susie Dent 69
2236 9/04/1998 P John Ashmore 59 – 36 Harold Blythe Philip Franks Susie Dent 80
2237 10/04/1998 P John Ashmore 56 – 28 John Williams Philip Franks Susie Dent 69
2238 13/04/1998 P John Ashmore 44 – 59 Peter Malone Philip Franks Susie Dent 74
2289 23/06/1998 QF Gerry Pearce 61 – 71* John Ashmore Geoffrey Durham Susie Dent 82
2290 24/06/1998 SF Chris Toyne 40 – 55 John Ashmore Geoffrey Durham Susie Dent 74
2292 26/06/1998 GF John Ashmore 91 – 79 Steve Fisher Geoffrey Durham Susie Dent 113
2675 28/12/1999 CQF Terry Knowles 43 – 37 John Ashmore Nigel Rees Mark Nyman 72
S(24) Unreleased S Steve Fisher ? – ? John Ashmore Bob Bevan Alison Heard ??
5634 1/02/2013 30B1 John Ashmore 92 – 130 Kirk Bevins Mark Foster Susie Dent 130
* includes 10 points from a tie-break conundrum
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