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Countdown:Spreading The Word

From Countdown

Countdown: Spreading The Word is a book written by Countdown producers Michael Wylie and Damian Eadie, and details the production process that goes into every episode, as well as testimonials from celebrity guests and former contestants, practice rounds, classic games and much, much more. It was published in 2001, and was given away in goody bags starting in Series 46 (Pearl Norman was the first contestant to receive the book in her goody bag).


Part 1

Part 2

  • The Executive Producers.
  • The Roles of the Producers.
  • The Team – the other members of the Countdown production team other than the producers.
  • Studio Stars – the other people that make Countdown happen in the studio itself, like the cameramen.

Part 3

  • Audiences – where the audiences come from, and how the Countdown team warms them up for the day.
  • Other Stars of the Show – the Contestants.
  • Life on the Road – the "auditions" done across the country from the North of Scotland, down to Cornwall.
  • Richard and Carol – the two presenters of Countdown when the book was written in 2001.
  • Celebrities – the Countdown celebrity guests.

Part 4

  • OxfordOxford University Press' relationship with Countdown.
  • Corner Shopping – The lexicographers that make the decisions on whether words are allowed or not.
  • Light, Camera, Action – an example of a day's recording.
  • Not Coming to a Screen near you – examples of gaffes that have been taken out of original shows.
  • It's Five to Five and it's Crackers, Jack! – examples of phone calls and letters sent in by viewers.
  • Edinburgh Countdown Club – the tale of the Edinburgh Countdown Club, written by Nita Marr.
  • Three Thousand Not Out – a short chapter on Countdown's long-term success.