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Countdown in Milton Keynes 2018

From Countdown

.co.mk4 was the 4th instalment of Countdown in Milton Keynes. It was hosted by Zarte Siempre and Innis Carson, and was won by Callum Todd - his second Co-event victory after winning the previous Co-event in the FOCAL Calendar - beating Tim Down in a close final. Unfortunately for Down, his second final in Milton Keynes proved to be another 2nd place. Notably, this Co-event used 10 letter conundrums throughout the day, many with a 10 theme. Played to both Lincoln and Bristol rules at times, the first event to mix the two.


# Date Type Player 1 Score Player 2 Host
A full list of prelims is available and may be added later.
Grand Final
COMK4179 4/08/2018 GF Tim Down 54 – 60 Callum Todd Innis Carson
Zarte Siempre

FOCAL standings after the event

The top 8 after this round of the 2018 FOCAL season were as follows:

Pos. Name Points
+1 1 James Robinson 452
+2 2 Edward Byrne 392
+2 3 Tracey Mills 386
-3 4 Zarte Siempre 382
+1 5 Graeme Cole 369
+1 6 Bradley Horrocks 355
+2 = Jonathan Wynn 355
-5 8 Tom Cappleman 332

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