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Jeffrey Hansford

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Jeffrey Hansford
Octochamp Statistics
Final positionRunner-up
Points total818
Conundrums solved7
Jeffrey Hansford

Jeffrey Hansford was an octochamp in and the runner-up of Series 57.

After a close-fought debut against Grant Woods, Hansford scored another seven victories by comfortable margins to become the series' third octochamp. This included a score of 127 with two niners, the second highest of the series. He also solved seven conundrums with exceptional speed, often buzzing in under a second, and showed visible disappointment on the one occasion he was beaten to the buzzer. In the finals, he saw off two tough opponents, before finally falling to Craig Beevers in the final. His impeccable conundrum record was, however, maintained, with two lightning-fast spots, and one controversially disallowed by Des O'Connor. For reasons unknown, Hansford did not play in Championship of Champions XIII.

He has Asperger's syndrome and is known for his range of unusual mannerisms. These include saying "please" after almost every letter, declaring an exact numbers solution to be '0 away' (parodied by Charlie Reams in Episode S29), "a risky [length] I should say" (usually for fairly common words), and spelling many of his words using mnemonics. He appeared in an article in the Daily Express which compared him to Rain Man. In the article, he claims to have studied the dictionary every lunchtime and evening since he was four point eight. He also earned an article in the Daily Mirror which revealed that he does not hold down a normal job but aspires to be a children's book author sometime before the end of 2012.

Reaction to him from fans of the show was extremely mixed, with some finding his mannerisms and obvious ability charming, while others were offended by his lack of social understanding and self-awareness. Hansford could be seen buzzing immediately on the conundrums on several occasions, arguably before he could have even seen the letters; a practice that some found controversial. This was most notable in his quarter-final and semi-final. Informally, on the c4countdown message board, "Hansfording" or "doing a Hansford" refers to buzzing in instantly for the conundrum before even seeing the letters.

Preceded by
Anita Freeland
Series runner-up
Series 57
Followed by
Richard Priest


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
4424 27/08/2007 P Grant Woods 79 - 96 Jeffrey Hansford Ken Bruce Susie Dent 133
4425 28/08/2007 P Jeffrey Hansford 107 - 65 Dave Grant Ken Bruce Susie Dent 119
4426 29/08/2007 P Jeffrey Hansford 127 - 70 Alex Burrows Ken Bruce Susie Dent 141
4427 30/08/2007 P Jeffrey Hansford 96 - 53 Vikki Gardner Ken Bruce Susie Dent 122
4428 31/08/2007 P Jeffrey Hansford 97 - 72 Terry Rattle Ken Bruce Susie Dent 130
4429 3/09/2007 P Jeffrey Hansford 99 - 60 Barbara Hinton Dr Phil Hammond Susie Dent 140
4430 4/09/2007 P Jeffrey Hansford 100 - 41 Ian Hopper Dr Phil Hammond Susie Dent 121
4431 5/09/2007 P Jeffrey Hansford 96 - 37 Anne Brooke Dr Phil Hammond Susie Dent 118
4504 17/12/2007 QF David Von Geyer 77 - 86 Jeffrey Hansford Pam Ayres Alison Heard 128
4507 20/12/2007 SF Steve Baines 66 - 81 Jeffrey Hansford Pam Ayres Alison Heard 136
4508 21/12/2007 GF Craig Beevers 105 - 82 Jeffrey Hansford Pam Ayres Alison Heard 118

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