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Roger Wales

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Roger Wales was the runner-up of Series 16.

He was a company director from Skipton, North Yorkshire. His run began with a remarkable comeback win over 7-time sitting champion Jenny Haldane.

Wales had attended the same school as the then host Richard Whiteley, and after his defeat in the final, Whiteley jokingly urged Wales to donate some of his winnings to the school. The episode did not go down well with viewers, some of whom wrote in complaining that they felt Whiteley had been too pushy over the issue and expressing their support for Wales. However, Channel 4 responded that Wales had taken the joke in good part.

Preceded by
Allan Saldanha
Series runner-up
Series 16
Followed by
Evan Simpson


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
799 16/08/1988 P Roger Wales 46 – 35 Jenny Haldane Nigel Rees Freda Thornton 71
800 17/08/1988 P Roger Wales 63 – 43 Peter Barlow Nigel Rees Freda Thornton 69
801 18/08/1988 P Roger Wales 55 – 32 Vicky Tomlinson Nigel Rees Freda Thornton 73
802 19/08/1988 P Roger Wales 36 – 51 Andrew Loheide Nigel Rees Freda Thornton 74
809 30/08/1988 QF Roger Wales 33 – 24 Andrew Loheide Bill Tidy Della Thompson 73
810 31/08/1988 SF Steve Williams 52 – 55 Roger Wales Carol Thatcher Della Thompson 74
812 2/09/1988 GF Roger Wales 69 – 100 Tony Vick Bill Tidy, Carol Thatcher Della Thompson 116
M40 1/01/1990-5/01/1990 M Roger Wales 78 – 101 David Whiting none Freda Thornton ???
M78 24/09/1990-28/09/1990 M Roger Wales 48 – 86 Mike Percik none Mark Nyman 130
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