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Evan Simpson

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Evan Simpson on the show

Evan Simpson was the runner-up of Series 17.

He first appeared the day after Irish wunderkind Tim Morrissey completed his octochamp run, and won five games before losing to Cathy Bland by a mere two points. He returned for the finals as #4 seed, and heavily beat Len Marshall in the quarter-finals before upsetting the formbook and beating Tim Morrissey in the semi-finals. However, a string of disallowed words in the final meant that Simpson lost the game, and the series, to Lawrence Pearse.

Simpson did not play in Championship of Champions V, but did return for the Supreme Championship in 1996. In the first round, he beat Pete Evans in a "Battle of the Evans", 28 – 50. The game wasn't very close, as Simpson made impressive finds of BAYONET and MEMORIES and only failed to unravel WAGLINESS at the end. In the group semi-final, he played Clive Freedman. The players equalled each other in every single round, including the conundrum PINFLYCAP, which went unsolved. This left Simpson and Freedman drawn 58 – 58. However, Freedman prevailed in the tie-break conundrum, and Simpson's 11th Countdown appearance was his last.

Simpson several years later

He is also a Scrabble Grandmaster, and is the 1999 National Champion.

Preceded by
Roger Wales
Series runner-up
Series 17
Followed by
Mandi Hale


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
838 6/02/1989 P Nick Camp 45 – 65 Evan Simpson Frazer Hines Freda Thornton 83
839 7/02/1989 P Frank Peach 48 – 49 Evan Simpson Frazer Hines Freda Thornton 81
840 8/02/1989 P Esther Poligadoo 34 – 73 Evan Simpson Frazer Hines Freda Thornton 76
841 9/02/1989 P Eileen Stokes 5 – 69 Evan Simpson Eve Pollard Della Thompson 72
842 10/02/1989 P Abu Oosman 26 – 63 Evan Simpson Eve Pollard Della Thompson 96
843 13/02/1989 P Cathy Bland 36 – 34 Evan Simpson Eve Pollard Della Thompson 71
864 14/03/1989 QF Evan Simpson 67 – 27 Len Marshall Simon Williams Georgia Hole 73
865 15/03/1989 SF Evan Simpson 56 – 45 Tim Morrissey Simon Williams Georgia Hole 74
867 17/03/1989 GF Evan Simpson 64 – 80 Lawrence Pearse Ned Sherrin, Frazer Hines Freda Thornton 140
M48 26/02/1990-2/03/1990 M Evan Simpson 93 – 86 Tony Vick none Catherine Clarke 134
M100 25/02/1991-1/03/1991 M Evan Simpson 101 – 67 Olivia Lloyd-Potts none ???
1863 21/10/1996 bQF Pete Evans 28 – 50 Evan Simpson Philip Franks Susie Dent 71
1866 24/10/1996 bSF Clive Freedman 68* – 58 Evan Simpson June Whitfield Susie Dent 71
* includes 10 points from a tie-break conundrum
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