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Olivia Lloyd-Potts

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Olivia Lloyd-Potts.
Olivia Lloyd-Potts on Tipping Point in 2013.

Olivia Lloyd-Potts, nee Olivia Lloyd was the runner-up of Series 6.

She first appeared on Countdown on 13 February 1985, beating Sheila Alder 52 – 35 in the 28th heat of Series 6. She went on to win four more games before being stopped by Helen Grayson. Lloyd-Potts' five wins were enough to see her return for the finals as #4 seed, where she beat Robert Healan narrowly in the quarter-finals on a crucial conundrum. Here, Healan buzzed in with the incorrect solution of SCHEDULES, leaving Lloyd-Potts to correctly offer SCHEDULED shortly after. She next beat Helen Grayson in the semi-finals, 'avenging' her earlier defeat in the heats. In the final against Darryl Francis, Lloyd-Potts put in a spirited display, but was overwhelmed by Francis' expert word knowledge, losing 37 – 69.

Lloyd-Potts' performances were enough to see her return for Championship of Champions II the following year, but she was beaten in the first round by eventual winner Clive Freedman.

Lloyd-Potts returned to Countdown one last time in 1996 for the Supreme Championship, but was beaten in the first round by the then-unbeaten Don Reid. In this game, she played reasonably well, but Reid offered several obscure words that beat hers, and she made a mistake in a numbers game. However, at the end she unravelled PROFAINOR to lose just 57 – 40.

Her sister, Pauline Latham, won 2 shows in Series 40, 14 years later. In 2015, a special episode between the pair was broadcast, with Latham winning by just 3 points. This gives Lloyd-Potts an unwanted Countdown record of six consecutive losses, including her two defeats in the Countdown Masters series.

Lloyd-Potts has also appeared as a contestant on The Weakest Link and The Chase, as well as Tipping Point in 2013.

Preceded by
Robert Violett
Series runner-up
Series 6
Followed by
Julian Hough


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
262 13/02/1985 P Olivia Lloyd 52 – 35 Sheila Alder Liz Fraser Yvonne Warburton 70
263 14/02/1985 P Olivia Lloyd 36 – 16 Oksana Last Richard Stilgoe Yvonne Warburton 69
264 15/02/1985 P Olivia Lloyd 44 – 35 Paul Cook Richard Stilgoe Yvonne Warburton 70
265 18/02/1985 P Olivia Lloyd 57 – 42 Philippa Spencer Richard Stilgoe Yvonne Warburton 72
266 19/02/1985 P Olivia Lloyd 40 – 37 Rodney Smith Richard Stilgoe Yvonne Warburton 74
267 20/02/1985 P Olivia Lloyd 42 – 62 Helen Grayson Richard Stilgoe Yvonne Warburton 69
285 18/03/1985 QF Olivia Lloyd 57 – 54 Robert Healan Richard Stilgoe Julia Swannell 71
286 19/03/1985 SF Olivia Lloyd 59 – 53 Helen Grayson Richard Stilgoe Julia Swannell 74
288 21/03/1985 GF Olivia Lloyd 37 – 69 Darryl Francis Gyles Brandreth,
Richard Stilgoe
Julia Swannell 113
399 1/04/1986 CQF Clive Freedman 58 – 25 Olivia Lloyd-Potts Gyles Brandreth Catherine Clarke 73
M12 19/06/1989-23/06/1989 M Jenny Haldane 98 – 54 Olivia Lloyd-Potts none Catherine Clarke 145
M100 25/02/1991-29/02/1991 M Evan Simpson 101 – 67 Olivia Lloyd-Potts none ???
1855 9/10/1996 aQF Don Reid 57 – 40 Olivia Lloyd-Potts Nigel Rees Susie Dent 74
S44 6/04/2015 S Olivia Lloyd-Potts 64 – 67 Pauline Latham Gyles Brandreth Susie Dent 122
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