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Julian Hough

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Julian Hough

Julian Hough was the runner-up of Series 7, and a participant in Championship of Champions II and the Supreme Championship.

An economics student at Manchester University, Hough won the final six heat games of the series to enter the final rounds unbeaten as #2 seed. He beat Tim Davies and Jean Fish in the quarter- and semi-finals respectively to reach the final against Ian Bebbington. Bebbington went 30 points into the lead before Hough made an excellent attempt at a comeback by spotting the nine-letter word CERTAINTY and one away from the 923 target in the last numbers round. The game went to a crucial conundrum with Hough trailing by just five points, but neither contestant was able to unscramble it in the time, meaning Bebbington became the series champion.

Hough also appeared in the Championship of Champions II, but was beaten by Laurie Silver in the first round. Hough would also return for the Supreme Championship. He defeated Ash Haji with a convincing performance, including a nine-letter word, before losing to Damian Eadie by 6 points in the group semi-final. In 1989, Hough played in the first Masters series and was declared the overall champion, having achieved the highest score of the series with 124 points.

Preceded by
Olivia Lloyd
Series runner-up
Series 7
Followed by
Anthony Butcher
Series winner
Masters Series 1
Followed by
Andrew Fisher


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
326 4/12/1985 P Julian Hough 60 – 45 Gary Franks Bill Tidy ??
327 5/12/1985 P Julian Hough 58 – 36 Philip Godfrey Bill Tidy ??
328 6/12/1985 P Julian Hough 45 – 37 Neil Stein Bill Tidy ??
329 9/12/1985 P Julian Hough 54 – 27 Leslie Pollitt Bill Tidy 73
330 10/12/1985 P Julian Hough 50 – 19 Steve Holdsworth Bill Tidy 71
331 11/12/1985 P Julian Hough 62 – 17 Bob Balmer Bill Tidy 70
333 13/12/1985 QF Julian Hough 63 – 34 Tim Davies Richard Stilgoe Della Thompson 82
337 19/12/1985 SF Jean Fish 37 – 59 Julian Hough Richard Stilgoe Della Thompson 73
338 20/12/1985 GF Ian Bebbington 82 – 77 Julian Hough Richard Stilgoe,
John Junkin
Della Thompson 127
400 2/04/1986 CQF Julian Hough 54 – 57 Laurie Silver Gyles Brandreth Catherine Clarke 81
M16 17/07/1989-21/07/1989 M Julian Hough 124 – 61 John Hadfield none Catherine Clarke 136
M89 10/12/1990-14/12/1990 M Clive Spate 110 – 80 Julian Hough none Freda Thornton 135
1890 27/11/1996 fQF Ash Haji 58 – 65 Julian Hough Tom O'Connor Catherine Stokes 94
1892 29/11/1996 fSF Julian Hough 46 – 52 Damian Eadie Richard Digance David Swarbrick 80
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