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Mark Deeks

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Mark Deeks
Octochamp Statistics
Final positionSemi-finalist
Points total824
Conundrums solved5

Mark Deeks was an octochamp and semi-finalist in Series 65 and a contestant in the 30th Birthday Championship. He is an Apterite, famous for playing the one millionth game on Apterous on 16 May 2013, achieving a perfect maximum score vs Apterous Nude.

Deeks began his Countdown run on 12 July 2011 with a closely-fought victory over Jon Elmer, and although Elmer spotted the nine DISPERSER, Deeks caught up and prevailed on a crucial conundrum. He went on to win a further seven heats by more considerable margins, achieving the series' #1 seed spot with a total of 824 points, as well as the highest score of the series, 126 against Lesley Lewis.

Deeks was the favourite for the quarter-finals, and therein proved himself even further with a 116 – 21 deconstruction of David Butcher. However, his semi-final match was more closely fought. Carl Williams beat him with the words ADJUST and ADOPTERS. Williams was leading going into the crucial conundrum BLACRHINO, which he also solved to end Deeks' run in his tenth appearance.

He returned to Countdown in 2013, as one of 41 contestants taking part in the 30th Birthday Championship. He lost his only match against the Series 63 champion Jack Hurst by a score of 108 – 103.

Following his octochamp run, Deeks made his CO-event debut at Co:Lon 2011. He then appeared at COLIN 2012, CobliviLon and COEDI. He then won his first event by beating Kirk Bevins in the final of COLIN 2013. He also won CO:REA 2013, winning against Giles Hutchings in the final.

In early 2013, Mark and Innis Carson took part in a 25 hour marathon of Countdown in tandem with Mark Watson's Stand-up Comedy Marathon, raising almost £3,000 for Comic Relief.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
5305 12/07/2011 P Jon Elmer 89 – 94 Mark Deeks John Stapleton Susie Dent 124
5306 13/07/2011 P Mark Deeks 114 – 73 John Maguire John Stapleton Susie Dent 120
5307 14/07/2011 P Mark Deeks 104 – 58 Joe Zender John Stapleton Susie Dent 119
5308 15/07/2011 P Mark Deeks 86 – 75 Taymar Pitman John Stapleton Susie Dent 128
5309 18/07/2011 P Mark Deeks 102 – 51 Sarah Axcell Mark Durden-Smith Susie Dent 117
5310 19/07/2011 P Mark Deeks 96 – 43 Linda Muchmore Mark Durden-Smith Susie Dent 121
5311 20/07/2011 P Mark Deeks 102 – 54 Shelley Worrall Mark Durden-Smith Susie Dent 137
5312 21/07/2011 P Mark Deeks 126 – 44 Lesley Lewis Mark Durden-Smith Susie Dent 132
5392 8/12/2011 QF David Butcher 21 – 116 Mark Deeks David Lloyd Susie Dent 126
5396 14/12/2011 SF Carl Williams 95 – 81 Mark Deeks Jon Culshaw Susie Dent 119
5617 9/01/2013 30BP Mark Deeks 103 – 108 Jack Hurst Dave Myers Susie Dent 120


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