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CoLei Summer Special

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CoLei Summer Special, was an extra event held in 2010, to celebrate the organiser Jeff Clayton's milestone birthday. It took place on Saturday 31 July at The Stoneycroft Hotel in Leicester. Rather than the usual system of attendees all competing against each other, it was a tournament of exhibition matches in front of an audience. It was won by Richard Priest, who beat Kirk Bevins in the final 101 – 98.

12 people attended, with 8 competing in the Countdown tournament. This was intercut with other games, such as Des chiffres et des lettres and Fifteen-to-One.

The attendees were:

Progress (main tournament)

Dinos Sfyris vs Jack Hurst Dinos Sfyris vs Kirk Bevins Kirk Bevins
Richard Priest
Ben Wilson vs Kirk Bevins
Karen Pearson vs Richard Priest Richard Priest vs Derek Hazell
Mary Jo Clayton vs Derek Hazell
The winner of each game is displayed in bold.


# Date Type Player 1 Score Player 2 Host
COLEISS1 31/7/2010 QF Karen Pearson 67 – 82 Richard Priest Jeff Clayton
COLEISS2 31/7/2010 QF Dinos Sfyris 88 – 81 Jack Hurst Jeff Clayton
COLEISS3 31/7/2010 QF Ben Wilson 82 – 103 Kirk Bevins Jeff Clayton
COLEISS4 31/7/2010 QF Mary Jo Clayton 62 – 78 Derek Hazell Jeff Clayton
COLEISS5 31/7/2010 SF Dinos Sfyris 100 – 120 Kirk Bevins Jeff Clayton
COLEISS6 31/7/2010 SF Derek Hazell 40 – 123 Richard Priest Jeff Clayton
COLEISS7 31/7/2010 F Kirk Bevins 98 – 101 Richard Priest Jeff Clayton
Des chiffres et des lettres
COLEISSF 31/7/2010 X Matt Bayfield 49 – 57 Jeff Clayton Karen Pearson

Other games included:
A Fifteen-to-One game hosted by Ryan Taylor and played by Dinos Sfyris, Tom Rowell and Karen Pearson, which was won by Karen Pearson.
A Countdown: Who Am I? quiz, based on the questions section of The Whole 19 Yards, hosted by Dinos Sfyris in which all attendees played in pairs, but there was no overall winner.

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