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Glen Webb

From Countdown
Glen Webb
Octochamp Statistics
Final positionSemi-finalist
Points total945
Conundrums solved6

Glen Webb was a finalist in Series 23, a contestant in Series 68, an octochamp in 69 and a participant in Championship of Champions XIV.

Appearances on the programme

Series 68/69

On his return in 2013, Webb won eight games and accumulated a total of 945 points, notably the highest when not all of the games were a century or higher. He also became the first contestant to have qualified for the finals of multiple series (besides the Supreme Championship and the 30th Birthday Championship). Notably, in his fifth game in Series 68, he scored 141 points, the most ever achieved in a heat game as well as in any game in the new 15-round format at the time.

In the past, champions who were undefeated at the end of the series could elect to either enter the finals or carry over to the next series. At some point the former option was eliminated and all champions must now carry over. Webb's run was the first time the carry-over rule was enforced; had he been able to enter the Series 68 finals unbeaten, he would have been No.5 seed for the series.


Webb returned for the finals as No.3 seed, scoring in every round but one in his quarter-final victory against Jonathan Liew. In his semi-final against No.7-ranked Callum Todd, he nabbed a small lead in the first numbers round, but failed to score in five rounds prior to the conundrum and was defeated by Round 13; Todd would go on to win what turned out to be one of the strongest ever series of Countdown.

Championship of Champions XIV

Webb returned to Countdown in 2016 for Championship of Champions XIV, where he was knocked out by Tom Cappleman in the opening round despite having spotted three nine-letter words.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
1202 3/01/1992 P Alan Harston 52 - 56 Glen Webb Brian Johnston Judy Pearsall 73
1203 6/01/1992 P Eric Emslie 28 - 60 Glen Webb Bill Tidy Judy Pearsall 73
1204 7/01/1992 P Romilly Stuart-Jervis 60 - 50 Glen Webb Bill Tidy Judy Pearsall 73
1256 19/03/1992 QF Gareth Williams 69 - 36 Glen Webb Jan Harvey Catherine Clarke 74
5708 5/06/2013 P Chris Ball 91 - 125 Glen Webb Helen Skelton Susie Dent 145
5709 6/06/2013 P Glen Webb 91 - 58 Mike Bailey Helen Skelton Susie Dent 136
5710 7/06/2013 P Glen Webb 122 - 59 Richard Vaughan Helen Skelton Susie Dent 143
5711 10/06/2013 P Glen Webb 114 - 50 Mike Stone Dan Snow Susie Dent 131
5712 11/06/2013 P Glen Webb 141 - 49 Martin Wilsdon Dan Snow Susie Dent 145
5713 12/06/2013 P Glen Webb 109 - 48 Mark Williams Dan Snow Susie Dent 134
5714 13/06/2013 P Glen Webb 128 - 52 Anne Whitehead Dan Snow Susie Dent 133
5722 1/07/2013 P Glen Webb 115 - 73 Kevin Safford Penny Smith Susie Dent 126
5835 16/12/2013 QF Glen Webb 107 - 45 Jonathan Liew Richard Madeley Susie Dent 128
5838 19/12/2013 SF Callum Todd 107 - 82 Glen Webb Richard Madeley Susie Dent 138
6278 4/01/2016 CP Tom Cappleman 133 - 115 Glen Webb Gloria Hunniford Susie Dent 147