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Apterous Masters

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The Apterous Masters, formerly known as the Countdown Online Masters, (or by its acronym COMA), is a tournament organised each February/March, and is a straight knock-out event between 8-32 players. Traditionally organised by Ben Wilson, it was guest-hosted by Zarte Siempre in 2015, and he then assumed its organisational duties in 2017 before moving to Tom Carey during the 2019 tournament.


Top players are seeded into the first-round draw after being judged on their skill at the game as displayed in both televised and off-screen performances, such as at COLIN or CoBris events, or in online play. Apterous ratings are also used as a judge of skill.

Players who decline their invitations will be invited again the following year, but will not be invited a third time if they decline two invitations in a row.

Year Entrants Winner Final score Runner-up
200814Paul HowewalkoverConor Travers
200923Paul Howe3 – 2Junaid Mubeen
201051Kirk Bevins6 – 3Jon O'Neill
201163Innis Carson6 – 1Ed McCullagh
201242Bob De Caux6 – 4Adam Gillard
201358Innis Carson6 – 5Mark Deeks
VII49Conor Travers6 – 3Jack Worsley
201549Jack Worsley6 – 1Zarte Siempre
IX64Jack Worsley6 – 4Transude Transude
10th61Jack Worsley6 – 2Zarte Siempre
201853Tom Carey6 – 4Chris Hare
201963Jack Worsley7 – 1Thomas Cappleman
202081Jack Worsley6 – 0Elliott Mellor

Hall of fame

Wins Player Years won
5 Jack Worsley 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020
2 Innis Carson 2011, 2013
Paul Howe 2008, 2009
1 Kirk Bevins 2010
Tom Carey 2018
Bob De Caux 2012
Conor Travers 2014
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