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David Williams (Series 43)

From Countdown
David Williams (Series 43)
Octochamp Statistics
Final positionSemi-finalist
Points total535
Conundrums solved8
For other people called David Williams, see David Williams.
David Williams in the 30th Birthday Championship.

David Williams was a semi-finalist of Series 43, and was a contestant in the 30th Birthday Championship.

Appearances on the programme

Heat games

He first appeared on 23 August 2000, beating Sheila Reid 67 – 41, and won a further seven games to not only become an octochamp and No. 1 seed for the series, but also the highest-scoring octochamp of the 9 round era with an aggregate score of 535, surpassing Harvey Freeman's long-standing record by 12 points. Notably, he solved all 8 conundrums during his octochamp run, and was only the third player to do so after Darryl Francis and Freeman himself.

Series finals

Williams beat James Sheppard in the quarter-final, but came unstuck against Matthew Turner in the semi-final, losing 57 – 40.

Championship of Champions XI

Williams returned in 2003 for Championship of Champions XI, and faced Chris Wills in the first round. Williams led by eight points going into the crucial conundrum thanks to an excellent final numbers game, but Wills' superior reflexes enabled him to buzz in almost instantly, meaning he went through whilst Williams had to leave the competition. However, Williams' losing score of 111 added another record to his list, until it was beaten by Matthew Shore at the following Championship of Champions event.

30th Birthday Championship

He returned to Countdown in 2013, just over a decade later, as one of 41 contestants taking part in the 30th Birthday Championship. He received a bye to the first round, but lost his only game convincingly to Series 61 champion Chris Davies by a score of 108 – 58.


His son, Richard Williams would himself make an appearance on Countdown in Series 84.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
2827 23/08/2000 P Sheila Reid 41 - 67 David Williams Martin Jarvis Susie Dent 73
2828 24/08/2000 P David Williams 78 - 29 Tony McGill Martin Jarvis Susie Dent 83
2829 25/08/2000 P David Williams 72 - 41 Alistair Littlewood Martin Jarvis Susie Dent 81
2830 29/08/2000 P David Williams 62 - 13 Rose Agnew Martin Jarvis Susie Dent 74
2831 30/08/2000 P David Williams 69 - 42 Marion Alexander Martin Jarvis Susie Dent 71
2832 5/09/2000 P David Williams 63 - 33 Mike Pilkington Martin Jarvis Susie Dent 81
2833 6/09/2000 P David Williams 59 - 36 Paul Coulson Carol Barnes Susie Dent 75
2834 7/09/2000 P David Williams 65 - 41 Mark Dermody Carol Barnes Susie Dent 73
2905 15/12/2000 QF David Williams 62 - 46 James Sheppard Anya Sitaram Richard Samson 73
2909 21/12/2000 SF David Williams 40 - 57 Matthew Turner Barry Cryer Susie Dent 73
3391 7/01/2003 CP Chris Wills 113 - 111 David Williams Martin Jarvis Susie Dent 131
5628 24/01/2013 30B1 David Williams 58 - 108 Chris Davies Margaret Mountford Susie Dent 119