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Jessica Pratesi

From Countdown
Jessica Pratesi
octochamp statistics
Final position TBC
Seeding 4
Points total 822
Conundrums solved 5
Jessica Pratesi in Series 67...
...and 12 years later in Series 89.

Jessica Pratesi was a contestant in Series 67 and an octochamp in 89. Before her first appearance, she appeared at the Co-events COLIN 2012 and CO:REA 2012. As of her second appearance, she was an indoor air quality consultant from Leyton in London, and she has qualified for the end-of-series finals in June.


Series 67

On her first televised appearance, she lost by one point after missing the crucial conundrum AUGMENTID, which incumbent contestant Liam Shaw turned into MAGNITUDE to not only win but also confirm his status as an octochamp.

Series 89

As a result of that matchup, Pratesi returned 11-and-a-half years later and kicked off with a century against one-time-winner and Apterite Anthony Noonan. This time, her quest for octochampdom could not be stopped as Jessica racked up seven more victories; five of those were century games, which included a high of 123. She also picked out the nine-letter words LEGATIONS and CLUSTERED; the latter coming during her personal best game.

After having to come back for an unexpected third filming day owing to one of her original opponents being unwell, she wrapped up with a very round 100 against challenger and fellow returning contestant Steven Henton, to become the 7th octochamp of the series in under 4 months. She finished with a final total of 822 points to place as the provisional third seed, 8 points below Toby Byfield.

Other Information

She has also been a competitive Scrabble player and represented England at the World Youth Scrabble Championships, finishing 9th in the 2012 tournament. She is a two-time UK Youth Scrabble Champion, in 2010 and 2012 as well. Her father, Mauro, is the chairman of the London Scrabble League, and was previously a contestant in Series 65 (he also lost on a crucial conundrum). She was born in December 1995, and became the youngest person to play at a London Scrabble League fixture on 16 May 2004.

Her younger sister, Natasha – also a former competitive Scrabble player – later appeared on the show five years after Jessica in Series 76, but also lost after incorrectly answering a crucial conundrum whilst being 10 points behind. However, a teapot was awarded to Natasha on the basis that the mother of Jessica and Natasha, two-time winner Diane, appeared in Series 18 before the teapot was introduced.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Presenters Guest Lex Max
5555 26/09/2012 P Liam Shaw 83 – 82 Jessica Pratesi Nick Hewer Rachel Riley Alistair McGowan Susie Dent 122
8243 03/04/2024 P Anthony Noonan 51 – 109 Jessica Pratesi Colin Murray Rachel Riley Pam Ayres Susie Dent 135
8244 04/04/2024 P Jessica Pratesi 110 – 54 Chris Craddock Colin Murray Rachel Riley Pam Ayres Susie Dent 122
8245 05/04/2024 P Jessica Pratesi 83 – 47 Jack Salisbury Colin Murray Rachel Riley Pam Ayres Susie Dent 144
8246 08/04/2024 P Jessica Pratesi 106 – 33 David Long Colin Murray Rachel Riley Dr Nighat Arif Susie Dent 144
8247 09/04/2024 P Jessica Pratesi 123 – 35 Dave Bennett Colin Murray Rachel Riley Dr Nighat Arif Susie Dent 137
8248 10/04/2024 P Jessica Pratesi 104 – 45 Mark O'Shaughnessy Colin Murray Rachel Riley Dr Nighat Arif Susie Dent 133
8249 11/04/2024 P Jessica Pratesi 87 – 72 Gareth Ellis Colin Murray Rachel Riley Dr Nighat Arif Susie Dent 122
8250 12/04/2024 P Jessica Pratesi 100 – 58 Steve Henton Colin Murray Rachel Riley JB Gill Susie Dent 125

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