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List of 9-round wins by over 60

From Countdown

This list includes all the 9-round wins by over 60, not including 60 itself. The first 9-round game was broadcast on 2 November 1982 and the last regular one on 20 September 2001 (six more were played in the following two years in the Junior Championship and Ladies' Championship). In that time, just over 3,000 episodes were broadcast, in which there were 10 9-round wins by over 60. It is significant as it is the equivalent of a win by over 100 in the 15-round format.

The first occurrence was on 6 December 1983, in which Mark Nyman beat Ted Wiles by 61 points.

The biggest winning margin is 80 points, held by Mark Preston on 19 August 1987.

List of wins by over 60

Games are sorted by biggest winning margin first, which is italicised between the individual contestant scores. Ties are sorted chronologically.

# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Presenters Guest Lex Max
637 19/08/1987 P John Brooks 0–(80)–80 Mark Preston Richard Whiteley Carol Vorderman Cathy Hytner Gyles Brandreth Freda Thornton 83
1762 01/03/1996 P David Acton 81–(73)–8 Peter Chamberlain Richard Whiteley Carol Vorderman Jan Harvey Catherine Stokes 83
2553 28/06/1999 P Bobby Johnson 12–(68)–80 Scott Mearns Richard Whiteley Carol Vorderman Jan Harvey Damian Eadie 86
713 18/04/1988 P Allan Saldanha 81–(66)–15 Katy Green Richard Whiteley Carol Vorderman Karen Loughlin Clement Freud Julia Swannell 84
466 11/11/1986 P Harvey Freeman 75–(65)–10 Roy James Richard Whiteley Carol Vorderman Cathy Hytner Bill Tidy Freda Thornton 76
841 09/02/1989 P Eileen Stokes 5–(64)–69 Evan Simpson Richard Whiteley Carol Vorderman Lucy Summers Eve Pollard Della Thompson 72
3069 30/08/2001 P Neil Greenall 5–(64)–69 James Hankin Richard Whiteley Carol Vorderman Geoffrey Durham Tania Styles 82
390 18/03/1986 P Leonard Southall 5–(63)–68 Anthony Butcher Richard Whiteley Carol Vorderman Cathy Hytner Bill Tidy Julia Swannell 83
126 06/12/1983 QF Mark Nyman 79–(61)–18 Ted Wiles Richard Whiteley Carol Vorderman Cathy Hytner Ned Sherrin Julia Swannell 83
1964 18/03/1997 P Bea Rae 6–(61)–67 James Martin Richard Whiteley Carol Vorderman Suzi Quatro Susie Dent 81