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Luke Boynton

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Luke Boynton
Octochamp Statistics
Final position
Points total1,032
Conundrums solved7
Luke Boynton in Series 83, 17 years after his first appearance.

Luke Boynton was a contestant in Series 51 and an octochamp in Series 83. As of his second appearance, he was a senior finance manager from Birmingham. He is also a poker player, and is the winner of the 2019 International Poker Open. He will return for the series finals in June 2021.

Boynton first appeared on Countdown in 2004. On his début, he played well, but lost on an unsolved crucial conundrum against would-be octochamp Sweyn Kirkness. On his incredible return in 2021, Boynton achieved his first victory with a massive 138 points – the second-highest ever score by a challenger against a daily champion – to stun six-time winner and Apterite Tom Vincent. On top of this, Boynton pulled off a perfect letters-round performance, making this one of the most impressive maiden wins in Countdown history. Clips of the game were shown on Gogglebox on 26 March. Boynton improved on his personal best score his second win with 141 and again in his fifth victory with 147, the equal third-highest score on Countdown. Along the way he reduced three players to scores under 30, won by over 100 four times, and scored a Jos game against Matthew Hallas. In his final heat game of his second stint, his opponent Adam Peel came close to unseating him, but Boynton confirmed octochampdom in the final numbers round. Boynton wrapped up with the second highest-ever cumulative total of 1,032 points, giving him an average of 129 per game and making him the third member of the 1,000 club after Elliott Mellor and Luke Johnson-Davies. Boynton also broke the record for the most valid nine-letter words offered across preliminary matches with 12, beating Johnson-Davies' record of 11 nines.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
3703 13/05/2004 P Sweyn Kirkness 88 – 83 Luke Boynton Barry Norman Susie Dent 119
7468 19/03/2021 P Tom Vincent 57 – 138 Luke Boynton Paul Zenon Susie Dent 144
7469 22/03/2021 P Luke Boynton 141 – 77 Alex Davidson Paul Zenon Susie Dent 146
7470 23/03/2021 P Luke Boynton 136 – 10 Matthew Hallas Paul Zenon Susie Dent 147
7471 24/03/2021 P Luke Boynton 120 – 6 Bobby Casey Konnie Huq Susie Dent 138
7472 25/03/2021 P Luke Boynton 147 – 25 John Lorimer-George Konnie Huq Susie Dent 155
7473 26/03/2021 P Luke Boynton 107 – 34 Dan Gardner Konnie Huq Susie Dent 149
7474 29/03/2021 P Luke Boynton 137 – 34 Martin Curtis Konnie Huq Susie Dent 146
7475 30/03/2021 P Luke Boynton 106 – 78 Adam Peel Konnie Huq Susie Dent 124
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