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480 club

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The 480 Club is inhabited by those octochamps from the 9 round era who amassed a total score of at least 480 points during their tenure, equivalent of an average score of 60 points per show. For the purposes of the list, only scores from the actual wins are counted, and not scores from tied game, though these were used for seeding purposes in the series. The twelve members of this elite club, along with their totals, average scores per game and series of first appearance, are:-

While Tim Morrissey scored 482 in his winning games, this is not an official total. For seeding purposes he had a total of 533 (including one draw). This total would scale to 473.8 over 8 games, or an average of 59.2 per game.

One other octochamp, Jonathan Anstey of Series 18, actually played nine games due to an intervening draw; his total of 540 points from this run becomes 480 when scaled to account for this discrepancy. But because he scored 61 in his drawing game, he just fails to make this list based on his winning games, with a score of 479. In addition, due to an administrative error in his second game, his total should have been 546 (and 485 from winning games), or 485.3 when scaled. Allan Saldanha's total was also lowered by an administrative error occurring in his fifth game; it should have been 496.

Those listed in bold are also members of the 500 club, a subdivision of the 480 club whose members achieved the psychologically important aggregate score of 500 during their run.

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