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Nita Marr

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Marr in front of the purple, pink and white striped set in Episode S17.
Marr at Carol Vorderman's leaving party in November 2008.

Nita Marr (born 28 December 1943, the same day as Richard Whiteley) was a contestant, and semi-finalist, of Series 13. She came from Longniddry and after defeating Mike Whiteoak in her first heat game, she won a further six before losing her eighth to Mark Preston. Nonetheless, she returned for the series finals as #1 seed, beating Cath Powell in the quarter-finals before losing to eventual champion Hilary Hopper in the semi-finals. Marr returned for Championship of Champions IV, causing a huge upset by beating Allan Saldanha in the quarter-final, but losing to eventual winner Nic Brown in the semi-final. In that game, Marr correctly guessed that the conundrum DECKCLOUD unscrambled to CUCKOLDED, but was unsure as to whether her guess was a valid word and so did not buzz. Had she buzzed, Marr would have won the game and qualified for the grand final.

Marr returned once again to the Countdown studios for the Supreme Championship in 1996, but lost in the first round to Irish wunderkind Tim Morrissey on the crucial conundrum BOOKSHELF. She also participated in both series of Countdown Masters, winning the first ever match against John Wallace 114 – 69, and losing 99 – 81 in the second series against Jenny Haldane. Nita also recorded a special game in 2002, broadcast in 2004, pitting her against The Countdown Page author Mike Brown, which she lost 113 – 70.

Marr's mother Ella Bernard appeared as a contestant in 1992.


Marr is perhaps best known in Countdown circles as the founder and current chairman of the Edinburgh Countdown Club, which has been running for two decades. She also authored a chapter of Countdown: Spreading The Word, detailing her experiences both on the show and in setting up the club. On the programme broadcast on 11 November 2009, members of the Edinburgh Countdown Club were pointed out in the audience by Jeff Stelling. Marr was the uncredited person who solved the conundrum PUREEDRAT after it defeated both contestants.

Marr has appeared on many other game shows, including Blankety Blank and Fifteen to One.

In November 2012, she along with Richard Priest and Mike Brown co-organised COEDI, the first Countdown in Edinburgh tournament, and she also participated in it.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
628 6/08/1987 P Nita Marr 45 - 39 Mike Whiteoak Diane Solomon Freda Thornton 69
629 7/08/1987 P Nita Marr 72 - 27 Letsy Constable Diane Solomon Freda Thornton 77
630 10/08/1987 P Nita Marr 48 - 26 Peter Holden Diane Solomon Freda Thornton 71
631 11/08/1987 P Nita Marr 64 - 30 Yvonne Thomson Diane Solomon Freda Thornton 85
632 12/08/1987 P Nita Marr 65 - 41 Suzanne Anderson Gyles Brandreth Freda Thornton 74
633 13/08/1987 P Nita Marr 52 - 49 Walker Roberts Gyles Brandreth Freda Thornton 70
634 14/08/1987 P Nita Marr 55 - 36 Ruth Tonothy Gyles Brandreth Freda Thornton 74
635 17/08/1987 P Nita Marr 34 - 52 Mark Preston Gyles Brandreth Freda Thornton 73
638 20/08/1987 QF Nita Marr 47 - 28 Cath Powell Derek Nimmo Catherine Clarke 73
642 26/08/1987 SF Nita Marr 34 - 54 Hilary Hopper Derek Nimmo Catherine Clarke 69
815 4/01/1989 CQF Allan Saldanha 45 - 53 Nita Marr Tim Rice Catherine Clarke 84
818 9/01/1989 CSF Nita Marr 51 - 58 Nic Brown Tim Rice Catherine Clarke 70
M1 3/04/1989-7/04/1989 M Nita Marr 114 – 69 John Wallace none Catherine Clarke 134
M68 16/07/1990-20/07/1990 M Nita Marr 81 – 99 Jenny Haldane none Simon Mason 141
1894 3/12/1996 gQF Tim Morrissey 60 - 51 Nita Marr Richard Digance David Swarbrick 82
S17 2/08/2004 S Mike Brown 113 – 70 Nita Marr Richard Stilgoe Susie Dent 133

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