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FOCAL is the voluntary organisation responsible for organising the vast majority of unofficial Countdown tournaments since 2016. The organisation's name is an acronym for Finals Of the Co-event Annual League. Perhaps coincidentally, "focal" also means "word" in the Irish language.

Players play in events across the British Isles throughout the year, with the top 8 highest ranked players at the end of the year receiving free entry into the finals event in Birmingham, held alongside a normal tournament that is open to everyone. 2016's FOCAL Champion was Series 66 champion Jack Worsley, 2017's champion was Rob Foster, 2018 Jonathan Wynn and 2019 Callum Todd.

Rated events in 2019 were hosted in Lincoln, Edinburgh, Newcastle, York, London, Cambridge, Halifax, Waterford, Milton Keynes, Dublin, Blackpool, Braintree and Wolverhampton. All events are hosted on a Saturday, with the exception of the 'hangover' event, held on the Sunday in Lincoln as secondary events.

New events in 2019 were in Edinburgh, York, Halifax, Liverpool and Braintree, and more new events in 2020, which include Manchester, however due to the current COVID-19 pandemic it is unknown when the season will resume.

The organisation was the brainchild of Series 78 champion and .co.mk organiser Zarte Siempre in mid-2015. The team is currently FOCAL chairman is Series 76 semi-finalist Jeff Clayton, organiser of several different tournaments. The previous chairmen were Siempre early 2016 and 2017. and Mark Murray late 2016.

Full standings for the year, details about events, a FAQs section for newcomers, and pictures from previous tournaments can be found at the FOCAL website with events list in the calendar.


Season Events Points leader Winner Runner-up Finals
2016 12 Jack Worsley Jack Worsley Giles Hutchings Report
2017 12 Stephen Read Rob Foster Jen Steadman Report
2018 13 James Robinson Jonathan Wynn Tom Cappleman Report
2019 14 Callum Todd Callum Todd Bradley Horrocks Report
2020–21 7 Jack Worsley
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