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Gino Corr

From Countdown
Gino Corr
Corr gives Lindsay Denyer a crafty wink after defeating her in the semi-final.

Eugene Corr, known on Countdown as Gino Corr, was the runner-up of Series 19 and Championship of Champions V, as well as a participant in the Supreme Championship. He was a mature student from Aberdeen in Scotland who had previously worked in the oil industry but then worked in management.

He won four games towards the very end of the series, but lost the final heat game of the series to Duncan Dale-Emberton. Nonetheless, he returned for the final rounds as #5 seed, beating Maureen Harmer and Lindsay Denyer on his way to the final. He lost the final, however, to Michael Wareham.

Corr's performances, not to mention his near-legendary wit and personality, saw him return for Championship of Champions V. There, he beat Jonathan Anstey in the first round and went on to beat Lawrence Pearse in the semi-final, in the process making the most famous letters declaration never to be shown on Countdown, as can be seen here. In the final, Corr lost a close match to Irish wunderkind Tim Morrissey.

On 9 March 1995, the conundrum was GINOCORRD in reference to him.

Corr returned for the Supreme Championship in 1996. He was assigned to Group D and faced Steve Balment in the first round. Corr took a 15 – 0 lead after two rounds with the words CANAPES and DILUTION. However, he went on to choose an unusual selection of 3 large numbers and it backfired on him as Balment got closer to the target than he did. A crucial conundrum was necessary, but Corr could still win unless his opponent solved it. MENTALDIP was turned over and Corr buzzed after only one second, but got the answer wrong. Balment went on to correctly guess IMPLANTED, ending Corr's Countdown career.

Corr sadly passed away in 2014.

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Mandi Hale
Series runner-up
Series 19
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Derek Coombs

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Tony Vick
Champion of Champions runner-up
Championship of Champions V
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Chris Waddington


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
991 15/03/1990 P Gino Corr 54 - 42 Iqbal Hussein Sylvia Syms Freda Thornton 73
992 16/03/1990 P Gino Corr 54 - 14 Jean Read Sylvia Syms Freda Thornton 70
993 19/03/1990 P Gino Corr 48 - 28 Michael Wilson Sylvia Syms Freda Thornton 75
994 20/03/1990 P Gino Corr 43 - 37 Peter Morris Sylvia Syms Freda Thornton 70
995 21/03/1990 P Duncan Dale-Emberton 48 - 33 Gino Corr Nigel Rees Simon Mason 66
999 27/03/1990 QF Maureen Harmer 22 - 55 Gino Corr Nigel Rees Simon Mason 82
1000 28/03/1990 SF Lindsay Denyer 20 - 56 Gino Corr Bill Tidy Simon Mason 68
1002 30/03/1990 GF Michael Wareham 92 - 68 Gino Corr Nigel Rees, Bill Tidy Simon Mason 116
1069 1/01/1991 CQF Gino Corr 57 - 47 Jonathan Anstey Gyles Brandreth Catherine Clarke 69
1073 7/01/1991 CSF Gino Corr 61 - 34 Lawrence Pearse Gyles Brandreth Catherine Clarke 72
1074 8/01/1991 CGF Gino Corr 62 - 78 Tim Morrissey Dinah Sheridan Catherine Clarke 119
M94 14/01/1991-16/01/1991 M Gino Corr 56 – 55 Billy Ward none Freda Thornton ???
1875 6/11/1996 dQF Stephen Balment 52 - 44 Gino Corr Geoffrey Durham Susie Dent 72

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