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From Countdown

Rematches are rare in Countdown but do occur from time to time. Following the introduction of sudden death conundrums to prevent games ending in draws, the only way for two players to meet twice is to play first in the heats or the finals, and then play again in either the finals stage or a Championship of Champions tourmament. The Supreme Championship contained a rematch (from an earlier Championship of Champions event), as did the 30th Birthday Championship.

This list does not include rematches in the Countdown Masters or special episodes, which are often planned in advance, nor rematches that are produced as the result of draws (see the list of draws).

Games in a different series

Heat games with a rematch in the finals

Heat games with a rematch in the Championship of Champions

Finals games with a rematch in the Championship of Champions

Rematches in the Supreme Championship or the 30th Birthday Championship

It should also be noted that Allan Saldanha played Tim Morrissey in the second semi-final of the Supreme Championship after having played him in the 1000th show special.


For more than twenty years, Natascha Kearsey and Pete Cashmore were the only players to have played each other in three competitive games, in the heats and semi-finals of Series 35 and in the grand final of Championship of Champions IX. There would not be another "threematch" until Philip Aston and Zarte Siempre faced each other in the first semi-final of Championship of Champions XV, after previously having played in the heats and grand final of Series 78.